The founder of the Jesuit College is the Slovenian Province of the Society of Jesus, which wants to respond to the needs of the young generation with the help of this activity.

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Damjan Ristić, 

Rector of the Jesuit College

Fr. Damjan has studied, lived and worked in several mostly English speaking countries aroud the world. He is passionate about the Bible, giving Ignatian retreats and opera. He often appears in the media and he is lecturer at the Faculty of Theology of Ljubljana.

Janez Gorenc,

Vice-Rector of the Jesuit College

Before becoming the vice-rector, Janez lived and worked in Italy, where he also completed his studies of philosophy at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome. He participates in various college activities, such as podcasts, Living Stones, and takes cear for the college liturgy. In his spare time, he enjoys listening to music and exploring history.

Peter Černe, 

Asistant to the Rector and content assistent

Peter is a master’s student of general linguistics at the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana and a graduate of theology. Within the college, his work includes preparing and connecting Evening Academies and participating in the creation of the Tangenta podcast. He is passionate about languages, and in his free time he also enjoys making music.