The Jesuit College in Ljubljana, founded in 2017, is located in the heart of the Slovenian capital. It offers a residence for male students as well as further formation of a wide community of young people.

The Jesuit College is unique in Slovenia because it is the only institution that applies the Jesuit type of formation as the basis of all activities.
The Jesuit type of formation consists in the overall care for every individual and guidance to personal and religious maturity, with an open attitude towards contemporary challenges and opportunities for international experiences. The College promotes and carries out the concepts of serving, giving back and volunteering.

International students are a significant and welcomed component of the College community.

The closeness of the headquarters of the Jesuit institutions of St. Ignatius Retreat House and St. Joseph’s National Sanctuary and Pastoral center, located in the same building complex, offers excellent opportunities for students to become actively involved in various (spiritual) programs, activities, and events.

Semper colligare – Povezujemo – Always uniting